Back on Track

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5 Week workshop offered each term
starting March 2020

The class focus: to learn how to move in a safe way to gain confidence and an understanding of which movements work and don’t work for your body and back.
The repertoire is hand selected specifically to strengthen the back and can be modified or advanced depending on each body.

You will be using the reformer beds and small props to exercise safely and effectively to strengthen and stretch the body.
You will experience breathing techniques and mindfulness through the class.

  • Ideal for Men and women who have a history of chronic back pain due to old niggly disc bulges or just general non-specific back pain.
  • If you feel weak and vulnerable through your back, and are too scared to exercise in case or re-injuring this maybe this is for you! or someone you may know.
  • 6 people total in the workshop allowing for one on one attention
  • You do not need to have done Pilates before to take part in this workshop.

For other course dates please contact the studio [email protected]

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