Getting Started

Do I need to have done much exercise before starting Pilates?

No not at all! The beauty of the Pilates Concept is that any person of any age at every stage of life, and at every fitness level can benefit.

What should I wear and bring to class?

Please wear comfortable, breathable exercise clothes. For example, fitted leggings or shorts with a t-shirt or singlet.
For safety and hygiene reasons please wear cotton grip socks in the studio at all times. These can be purchased from reception for $16.00.
Bring a water bottle to keep hydrated otherwise water and hydrating drinks are also available for purchase.
We have a change room if needing to change before or after work.

How many times a week do I need to practice Pilates?

2-3 sessions per week will help obtain optimum result, but even 1 weekly class will provide valuable benefits.


What are the benefits of building a strong core and Pelvic floor muscles?

By Focusing on strengthening the trunk muscles known in Pilates as the ‘Center’ or ‘Core’ we then intern give vital support to our spine. This is only one benefit. We also improve our posture giving our internal organs space to breath and work healthily and efficiently.

The importance of contracting pelvic floor muscles are similar reasons as above. Pelvic floor muscles support the lower internal organs. A strong pelvic floor can also improve incontinence. It can take a little while to reconnect and engage this deep muscle so be patient.

What are some of the Principles used in the Pilates exercise?

Breath:This is extremely important in helping control the movement of the exercises.

Concentration:With mental focus and visualisation it assists the correct muscles in creating a precise movement.

Control: Performing movement with absolute muscle control avoids injury and produces positive results.

Center: The large group of muscles of the trunk is known in Pilates as the ‘Cenre’ or ‘Core’. In Pilates excercise we think of muscles of the ‘Center’ to initiate the action and flow energy to our other extremities.

Fluidity: A focus on grace of motion is emphasised over speed.

Precision: Each movement has purpose. By focusing on performing one movement at a time with precision instead of many reps half heartedly, you will get the full intrinsic value of the exercise and will set new and more precise moving patterns.

A brief history of pilates

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